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Most finance companies provide car loans at a slightly higher interest rate than is the case with real estate loans, with the car serving as collateral.To do this, deposit the vehicle registration with us. If the company car is financed wholly or partly by loans, the loan must also be recorded. The loan interest can be deducted as an operating expense.

Most finance companies grant auto loans at a slightly higher interest rate than the usual rate for real estate loans, where the vehicle acts as collateral. For a loan is often a cash payment of 35% of the purchase price required. Some credit institutions will file claims for car loan applications regarding the length of stay in the Republic of Germany.

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The provisional amount of your loan can be calculated here with the online loan calculator. Do you want to buy your new car in a timely manner and take out your car loan without going to one of our branches? After you have completed our forms, you will receive a rating and a first personal loan offer with our online loan.  Answer quite simply a few points to your desired loan and get at a glance, the right offers for you.

Car loans

Car loans

From the sporty Speedster to the spacious family van: With our car loan you can reach your personal dream car in no time. The car loan is a consumer loan. Whether new or used vehicles, from retailers or private customers – with our car loan, you can finance your dream car easily and quickly. Please present a passport (identity card or passport) and current proof of income.

Once the loan has been approved, you will be credited with the balance on your account.

With the help of our loan calculator, you can finance different loans based on an imaginary loan installment, the loan amount you want and the repayment period you accept. Please contact our consultants for more information on our financing offers, interest rates and expenses. 

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