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What are the most important criteria if you want to take out compulsory liability insurance? Obviously, there is only one criterion – due to the characteristics of the Hungarian kgfb market – that the insurance should be as cheap as possible.

We could suddenly cite the example of car loans, but as we will see, in the area of ​​car loans and car leasing, the situation is even clearer:

Whichever loan or lease is cheaper is better

Whichever loan or lease is cheaper is better

But why is this, obviously true phrase in the field of car finance, not necessarily applicable to the kgfb market, which carries much smaller items? This is because, unfortunately, there are brokers and fraudsters in the insurance market, which is not typical for lending and leasing. In the car loan market , there are only serious players, as this is a banking activity.

Therefore, it is unthinkable that we want to take out a car loan, and in the end we do not get one. But if someone did, it wouldn’t be too unpleasant, since nobody loses a penny. A car loan can be taken out with another financial institution offering favorable – and realistic – terms, and at the very least time and energy have been wasted on the customer to obtain car financing.

Compulsory insurance may be fraudulent because the customer pays


(While a car loan or car lease is a financial institution) and the customer must pay the annual fee in advance. So, in such a case, the fraudulent insurer (remember MÁV) or the insurer that comes up with unsavory quotes (CUBE, for example) may run away with the money and the customer will stay afloat.

So keep an eye out for affordable rates (which, of course, can be very important if you have a car loan on your shoulders, of course, our company will help you find the cheapest one!) As well as insurance. While the car loans we offer come from a trusted bank, the designs of KÖBE, TIR and other insurance companies are often just like whitewashed tombs: they look good on the outside, but they rot on the inside.

So pay attention to what kind of insurance you have during the campaign


When kilowatts count , not cubes, and note that the credit market is never calm, so it’s even better to browse through the offers! If you don’t think you have the time, choose us and we will pick the best deals for you!

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